God Is Our Victory

True Worshippers
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Chord God Is Our Victory (True Worshippers)

Intro :
Dm  Bb  Dm  Bb
Dm  F  Bb  Dm  F  Bb

Verse :
You’re The One Who Stands Before Us
           Bb                               F
You’re The One Who Brought Us Out From The Darkness
You’re The Mighty God Who Saves Us
         Bb                               F
When The Storms And Fires Are Raging All Around Us

          Dm                   C
If God Is For Us Who’ll Stand Against Us?
Who Can Separate Us From The Love Of Christ?
          Dm               C
If God Is For Us Who Can Divide Us?
         G                                Bb
You Have Overcome The World By Your Great Love

Chorus :
F           Bb             Dm
  Let God Arise, Let God Arise
            Bb      C
  Let Us Behold Him And Bow Down
F             Bb                  Dm
  He Leads Us All Through Battles Won
             Bb       C
  God Is Our Victory, We Shall Rise