Song Of Hope

Giving My Best
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Chord Song Of Hope (Giving My Best)

Verse :
  F            C      G/B  Am
I Ran From The Water
      F                C    G/B  Am
And I Walked Down The Road
   F          C        G/B  Am
No Sense In Escaping
              F        C         G/B  Am
You’re Loving Voice In My Head

Chorus :
  F            C        G  F
I Know You Can Hear Me
  F                C      G  F
I Know That You’re There
                C/E        F  G
My Hope Will Surround Me
                C          G/B  Am  F
For I Know That You Care

Verse :
    F          C           G/B  Am
The Silence Is Haunting
         F          C       G/B  Am
Down The Road In My Head
   F              C         G/B  Am
My Heart Has Been Longing
             F          C       G/B  Am
So Won’t You Find Me Instead