The Best Is Yet To Come

Giving My Best
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Chord The Best Is Yet To Come (Giving My Best)

Intro :
F  Bb  Dm  Gm
F  Bb  Dm  Gm  Bb

Bait :
F                   Cm
Lihatlah Bintang Di Semesta
             Bb  Bbm        F
Bintang Yang Bersinar Bagi Kita
F                  Cm
Waktu Yang Telah Diberikan
          Bb           Bbm      F
Sangatlah Berharga Janganlah Siakan

      Dm          C    Gm
S'bab Kaulah Yang Kudamba
    Dm       C   Gm
Dan Kaulah Segalanya

Reff :
Now I Run
           Am           Eb  D
And Set My Eyes On You
I Lay My Life At Your Feet
My Heart And My Plans
And My Futures In Your Hands

Now My Soul
               Am           Eb  D
Rests Like The Stars Above
      Gm                 C           F
For I Know That The Best   Is Yet To Come

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