You Know Better Than I

Maria Shandi
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Chord You Know Better Than I (Maria Shandi)

Verse :
  F         Bb/F       F
I Thought I Did What’s Right
  F/A       Bb      C
I Thought I Had The Answers
  F/A                 Dm
I Thought I Chose The Surest Road
    Gm                   C
But That Road Brought Me Here

   F     Bb/F  F
So I Put Up A Fight
    F/A      Bb     C
And Told You How To Help Me
    F/A         Bb   F/C   Dm
Now Just When I Have Given Up
    Gm              C
The Truth Is Coming Clear

Chorus :
F   Bb   Gm          C  C/Bb
You Know Better Than I
F/A  Bb      C
You Have The Way
C/Bb    F/A  Bb    Gm           C
I’’ve    Let Go The Need To Know Why
Dm   Gm       C           F
For  You Know Better Than I

Verse :
   F        Bb/F   F
If This Has Been A Test
  F/A    Bb      C
I Cannot See The Reason
    F/A            Dm
But Maybe Knowing I Don’'t Know
      Gm                      C
Is Part Of Getting Through

  F      Bb/F      F
I Try To Do What’’s Best
    F/A       Bb      C
But Faith Has Made It Easy
   F/A     Bb         F/C   Dm
To See The Best Thing I Can Do
   Gm              C
Is Put My Trust In You

Bridge :
  C#      G#/C      Fm         C     F
I Saw One Cloud And Thought It Was A Sky
  C#    G#/C      Fm          D#      A#
I Saw A Bird And Thought That I Could Follow
    C#     G#/C    Fm          D#      A#/D
But It Was You Who Taught That Bird To Fly
     A#      Gm
If I Let You Reach Me
Will You Teach Me

Reff (Overtone) :
     G   Em   Am          D  D/C
For, You Know Better Than I
G/B  C        D    D/C
You  Know The Way
     Bb  Gm     Cm           F
I've Let Go The Need To Know Why
G/B  Em        D/F#    G      F/A   G/B
I'll Take What Answers You Supply
C        D           G
You Know Better Than I

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