Above All Things

True Worshippers Youth
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Chord Above All Things (True Worshippers Youth)

Verse :
   C               Am
In You There Is Forgiveness
      F                 G
In Forgiveness There Is Love
   Em              Am
In Love There Is A Meaning
   F                  Gsus4    G
In Meaning There Is A Purpose

Chorus :
   C       G
To Worship You
   Am      F
To Worship You
   C            G
To Lift Up Your Name
      Am        F
High Above All Things

Music :
C/E  F  C/E  F
Am  Gsus4  F
Am  G  F
Am  G  F

Bridge :
Your Love Is Above Everything I Aim
It’s Above All That I Can Say
    G                      F
And Above All That Will Remain