All For You

True Worshippers Youth
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Chord All For You (True Worshippers Youth)

Verse :
D/F#               G
Here My Heart It’s Calling
   D/F#         G
To You My Never Ending
D/F#          G         D
None That I Desire But You

D/F#              G
Picked Me Up From My Shame
       D/F#               G
You’ve Pulled Me From The Darkness
D/F#          G              D
Mighty Is The Power Of Your Cross

Chorus :
       G  D/F#        G  D/F#
God My Savior Lord Of Wonder
       G             D/F#           A
All My Heart, All My Soul, All For You
     G  D/F#      G  D/F#
My Defender, I Surrender
       Em          A     D
All Of Me, All For You Jesus

Verse :
D/F#              G
Catch Me When I’m Falling
    D/F#              G
You Hear Me When I’m Calling
D/F#           G           D
Faithful And Unfailing To Me

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  1. Pak Jack minta untuk chord gitar/piano pujian KJ (Kidung jemaat), NKB (Nyanyian Kidung baru), PKJ, Doa Sabat lama apakah ada juga?

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