My Desire

Jacqlien Celosse
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Chord My Desire (Jacqlien Celosse)

Verse :
     D#         Bb/D
With All That I Have
     Cm        Bb
With All Of My Heart
  G#           D#/G
I Just Want To Love You
       Fm        Bb
‘Cause You’re My God

     D#         Bb/D
With All That I Need
     Cm         Bb
With All That I Want
  G#           Bb              D#
I Just Want To Serve You ‘Till The End

Chorus :
D#/G  G#   Fm       Bb
I     Will   Living Your Word
     Dm7b5     G       Cm
I Surrender My Life To You
D#/Bb  G#  Fm         Bb
I      See   With You Face To Face
     Dm7b5   G       Cm
My Desire To Worship You
        D#/Bb  G#
You Are My     God
You Are My King
I Will Serve You Lord

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