This Is My Life

True Worshippers
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Chord This Is My Life (True Worshippers)

Intro :
G  D/F#  Em  G/D
C  G/B  Am  D/F#  B/D#
Em  G/D  A/C#

Verse :
Am              G/B   C
  You’ve Opened Up My Eyes
  To See You Lord
Am                 G/B    C
  You’ve Turned My Life Around
  In Righteousness
Am         G/B          C
  There Is Nothing More Precious
          Em    D    C         G/B
  Than To Be In Your Presence
         Am            D
  And To See You By My Side

Chorus :
G      D/F#  Em        D
  This Is My Life I Surrender
C   G/B       Am     D
  Before Your Throne
G   D/F#    Em         D
  I Bend My Knees I Surrender
C    G/B     Am  D
  To Worship You
G   D/F#    Em                 D
  I Lift My Voice To Sing Your Praises
C    G/B              Am        D   G
  Be Magnified And Be Glorified   Today